When do dental school applications open?

The ADEA’s AADSAS is the main dental school application service for pretty much everyone...except for people applying to Texas dental schools (sorry, Texans). 

The dental school application portal opens in the middle of May each year with submissions being accepted around June 1st (or that first week).

Just because it doesn’t open until May, doesn’t mean you should wait until April to start! If you want to give yourself enough time for your application on top of DAT preparation, courses, work, and everything else, you should start thinking about it in December the year before you plan to apply. That will give you at least 6 months to prepare everything amidst your busy schedule. Plus if you start in December, you can use Christmas break to jumpstart your application!

What, did you really have something else to do?

And just because it closes in November, doesn't mean you can afford to wait until August to start thinking about your application. Don’t believe me? People get interviews a week after submission opens. How do I know? I was one of them.

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.

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Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash